We are often asked, what is EpiVax – a biotech company? What do you do?Immunoinformatics? You predict immunogenicity for biopharma – so you’re a service provider? You also make vaccines, right? I hear you create bioinformatics tools. And what is a Tregitope?

Well, we do it all. EpiVax is a privately held immunoinformatics company with a truly global presence. We not only successfully provide services to large and small biotech companies, we also design our own T cell vaccines and are developing a first-in-class therapy called Tregitope.

At the heart of our research, and services, is our expert immunology/bioinformatics team and our proprietary immunoinformatic platforms (ISPRI, iVAX, EpiMatrix).

In short, we are dedicated to applying our tools (in-silico, in-vitro and in-vivo) to re-engineering therapeutic proteins and to design new, more effective, and safer vaccines.

Explore the article below. It was published early this year and gives a great overview of our company. We look forward to working with you!

EpiVax Intro

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