Summer is taking off..

And so is EpiVax! We will be attending and hosting a number of events all around the world over the next few months. Will we see you there? Click the links to find out more.

Vaccine Technology V 
June 8-14th – Playa del Carmen, Mexico –
Quick! join the iVAX demo at Vaccine Technology V on June 10th – we are near capacity for the workshop. VTV brings key leaders together to review new concepts in vaccines design and new adjuvants. Mexico in June – Don’t miss it.

BIO International Conference 2014 
June 23-26th -San Diego USA –
BIO is happening! It’s the largest biotechnology gathering in the world and we’re hosting a party! If you are planning on attending BIO and would like to meet, please contact And don’t miss our BIO Convention Tapas Party, 7-9:30pm on the 24th at Puesto.

SMi Immunogenicity
July  14th and 15th – London, UK –
EpiVax will present Tregitope immune-modulation at the first SMi Immunogenicity Conference in July, in beautiful Regen’ts Park London. Let us know if you’d like to meet Annie in London or Paris between July 11th and 17t. To set up a meeting please contact us.

Westin Immunogenicity Seminar
September 17th- Tokyo, Japan –

Following on the heels of our our successful Westin Osaka Immunogenicity Seminar (with Dr. Sakaguchi) we’re back in Tokyo September 14th-20th, hosting our semiannual immunogenicity seminar. Expect a report on anti-drug-antibodies from Sandra Garces (Portugal) and an update on academic research on protein drug development (immunogenicity, deimmunization and tolerance induction). Find the speaker list and details at the event page.

3rd International Conference on Immune Tolerance
Tregitope Europe 2014

September 28-30th – Amsterdam, The Netherlands –
Tregitopes are on the menu at Elsevier’s 3rd International Conference on Immune Tolerance; October 1. The Tregitope workshop will be chaired by Annie De Groot and David Scott; speakers will include Federico Mingozzi, Jaap Kwekkenboom and Carla Baan.

4th Computational Vaccinology Workshop
8th International Vaccine and ISV Congress

October 25-28th – Philadelphia, USA –
The 4th Computational Vaccinology Workshop (formerly ICoVax) is open for abstract submissions. Taking place at the 8th International Vaccine and ISV Congress, the workshop will provide participants an opportunity to present their work and meet other experts in the field of computational vaccinology. The ISV Congress is a non-commercial conference with an all-star speaker lineup.

8th Vaccine Renaissance
Providence, Rhode Island
October 16-18th – Providence, RI USA –
Last but not least, this “Cold-Spring-Harbor” style conference features up-close meet the experts in vaccine development. It is the “jewel” of the East Coast conference schedule for the Fall. Information is online at:

Please let us know if you would like to set up a meeting while we are in your area.
We hope to see you soon!

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