The AIT2023 organizing committee is excited to share that the Amsterdam Immunogenicity & Tolerance Seminar will take place on Friday, November 10th from 10:00AM – 6:00PM European Time, at the Hilton Apollolaan in Amsterdam. Please note that all seminar events will take place in-person. A complimentary luncheon will be provided to attendees, and we also encourage you to stay for a cocktail reception immediately following the seminar. 

The precise details, speakers, and agenda to be announced soon – in the meantime, please Register here. 

About the Amsterdam Immunogenicity & Tolerance Seminar:
Now in its 9th year, the Amsterdam Immunogenicity & Tolerance Seminar has become a much-anticipated forum for sharing research and ideas in the fields of immunogenicity and tolerance.  Academic and industry research has progressed significantly in the past several years, and many advances have been made in the areas of gene therapy, mRNA, CAR-T, and other novel platforms. In addition, traditional protein therapeutics research (still somewhat new as well), has expanded complexity to include Bispecific and Multispecifc antibodies, fusion proteins, and peptide therapeutics. All these exciting developments have generated many questions and added complexity for immunologists, drug developers and medical practitioners working to deliver safe and effective therapies.

AIT2023 Organizing Committee: 
Annie De Groot, MD
EpiVax Inc.
Brian Roberts, PhD
Scientific Director, Preclinical Immunology
EpiVax Inc.
Corine Kruiswijk
Director, Translational Research
Christiane Gerke, PhD
Head of Vaccine Programs & Vaccine Innovation Development
Institut Pasteur
Marcel Hoefnagel
Senior Scientist/Assessor
College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen (CBG-MEB)
Elly van Riet
Senior Scientist
TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI)


Speaker Suggestions? Questions? Contact EpiVax:

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