Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium
Tuesday, May 14th – Wednesday, May 15th
Registration starts at 8:30A.M. on Tuesday

The New York Academy of Sciences
7 World Trade Center
New York City, New York

Meet EpiVax Oncology’s CEO/Co-Founder, Gad Berdugo, and Interim CSO, Dr. Annie De Groot, as they attend the Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy two-day symposium (May 14-15).

While there, Gad and Annie will be hosting a “Spring Forward” Event. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, at the W New York Downtown Hotel, from 6:00PM-8:00PM. Celebrate EpiVax Oncology’s debut and their accomplishments throughout the last couple of months.


Leading experts in cancer immunotherapy will discuss cutting-edge findings in the broad area of combination therapies, including checkpoint inhibitors and cellular therapies.

Particular emphasis will be given to the biological mechanisms underlying combination hypotheses, bispecific antibodies and other emerging modalities for delivery of combination therapies, as well as a discussion of the importance of biomarkers and effective clinical trial design.

To learn more about the event and/or to register, visit NYAS’ official event page.