March 8-13 Galveston, Texas

EpiVax will be attending the 2015 Gordon Research Conference on “Tropical Infectious Diseases” from March 8th-13th. Dr. Lenny Moise will present “Immunoinformatics: New Platforms for Vaccine Target Discovery”. Participants will have an opportunity to attend an afternoon workshop (March 11 from 2-4pm) at University of Texas Medical Branch to receive hands-on training in the application of the iVAX suite of immunoinformatics tools.

iVAX is a fully integrated vaccine design website that enables a trained user to rapidly screen pathogenic genomes and identify conserved immunogenic fragments (i.e. Class I and Class II-restricted T cell epitopes). Candidate epitopes can be evaluated for immunogenic potential as well as homology to published references and human sequences. Validated candidates are adaptable to a variety of platforms including computationally optimized pseudo-proteins for synthesis, delivery and further testing. Attendees are encouraged to contact Frances Terry ( if interested in analyzing specific sequences during the workshop.