BIO Europe 2014 Turin with EpiVax







Looking for an opportunity to meet with Dr. Anne De Groot and learn more about EpiVax? We will be attending the BIO Europe Spring conference in Turin, March 10th through 12th. We are very excited to meet new groups within the vast European biotech circle. If you know EpiVax, you know we work with a wide range of companies across industries to make their products safer and more effective. If you are developing protein therapeutics, treatments for autoimmune or auto-inflammatory conditions or vaccines we would be happy to learn more about your project and find where we can help you make better products.

We are currently looking to partner our unique technologies:  

Our novel Tregitope technology – proven to provide targeted suppression of the immune system. Tregitopes can help directly suppress autoimmune or auto-inflammatory responses, tolerize an immunogenic protein like Campath, and induce tolerance to antigens that cause conditions such as allergies or Type 1 Diabetes.

In Silico Immunogenicity Screening: We have a best-in-class immunogenicity screening platform used by most of the top 10 biggests Biopharma companies worldwide. Our tools cover not only traditional T cell epitope mapping, but also epitope cluster mapping, advanced T cell cross-reactivity analysis, and optimization tools to de-immunize your protein. Learn how our tools can help you make safer therapeutics.

Online Interactive Vaccine Design and Optimization: The IVAX toolkit can be used to discover target antigens directly from the pathogen genome, optimize antigen selection, analyze for human cross-reactivity (“stealth viruses”) and construct epitope-driven vaccine sequences. These tools have been used not only to efficiently design vaccines but to accurately predict the efficacy of existing vaccines.

If you would like to partner with us at BIO Europe please send a request to EpiVax on partnering360. If you will not be at BIO Europe but are still interested in a meeting, feel free to contact our European representative Phoebe de Groot.