Providence, November 6th 2019

EpiVax announces Publication of Antigen-Specific Tolerance Induction by Tregitope in Nature Scientific Reports

EpiVax, Inc (“EpiVax”), a pioneer in immunoinformatics innovation, announces the publication of “Therapeutic administration of Tregitope-Human Albumin Fusion with Insulin Peptides to promote Antigen-Specific Adaptive Tolerance Induction” in Scientific Reports, 06 Nov 2019, a Nature publication This research highlights Tregitopes as a promising therapy for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).  Administration of Tregitopes in combination with clinically relevant delivery systems and preproinsulin (PPI) were found to reduce the incidence of severe diabetes and to reverse mild diabetes during a 49-day therapeutic study in non-obese diabetic mice.

Rachel Caspi, PhD, Senior Investigator, Immunoregulation Section, National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health, says “having watched the Tregitope develop since its inception, I look forward to seeing this interesting and important work translated into the clinic for patients affected by Type 1 Diabetes”.

Tregitopes are novel peptides first discovered in 2008 in human immunoglobulin by Dr. Anne De Groot and William Martin at EpiVax.  They are capable of downregulating inflammation in a wide range of autoimmune disease model, transplant and allergy, by engaging regulatory T cells. This approach has been adapted by others seeking to harness the value of Tregitope, including Marieme Dembele of Dr. Bruce Mazer’s lab, University of McGill, Montreal, Canada.  Dembele will be presenting her findings on antigen specific tolerance induction by Tregitopes at the EpiVax Immunogenicity and Tolerance Seminar on November 15th at Hilton Amsterdam, showing similar success in allergy models where Tregitope is delivered to aid in suppression of asthmatic symptoms. EpiVax is encouraged by these findings and looks forward to a continued bright future for the Tregitope program.

About EpiVax:

EpiVax is a 20-year old privately-held biotechnology company located in Providence RI, with a broad portfolio of projects including vaccines and immunotherapies for infectious diseases, autoimmunity and cancer. Scientists at EpiVax, led by co-founders Annie De Groot and Bill Martin, lead the field in immunogenicity risk assessment.  For more information please visit
EpiVax is currently licensing Tregitope under 1 year options + license agreements.  For more information on Tregitope and licensing opportunities please contact us here.

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